Charting a path forward through sustainable development

Framingham appears to face a dilemma of two uneasy paths: one of empty, blighted eyesores and the other of skyscraping apartment complexes. Neither choice is appealing, but it is, in fact, a false choice.

Framingham Needs Not Just Open Space But Active Space

Growing up in Framingham, and now as the father of two girls, I am frequently reminded that we enjoy amazing community amenities for people of all ages and interests. These public spaces are special because they are not just open space, but resources in terms of attracting families, highlighting Framingham’s natural features, and celebrating our diversity by bringing people together from all over Framingham.

Steiner kicking off campaign for Framingham City Council

Adam Steiner, an educator and technology specialist who worked for two congressmen, will kick off his campaign for the District 3 City Council seat next month.

Steiner Announces Candidacy for City Council District 3

I am writing to ask for your support for the position of City Councilor for District 3 (precincts 4 & 7) in the first election of the new City of Framingham. This letter will tell you a bit about me and why you should consider giving me your vote. For those that know me, I wanted to explain in more detail why I decided to run.