A vision of a sustainable future for Framingham

NARAL pledge

My emphasis over the past 4 years has been to preserve and enhance the things that I think make Framingham great: Our diversity, our excellent public school system, our mix of rural, suburban, and urban environments, and our compassion for one another.

On the Council, I have fought for:

1. Increased funding for our public schools including construction of a new middle school in Framingham. Researched and utilized state regulations that allowed the City Council to increase the school budget beyond the Mayor’s initial request and worked with fellow City Councilors to build consensus for supporting our school district.

2. Preservation and expansion of essential city services including critical support for the Callahan Senior Center. Successfully fought against a proposal to bring to the Callahan Center health services including those for children without adequate vaccinations, which would have put seniors at risk.

3. Restraining the push for more and more apartments by resisting the urge for questionable zoning changes including granting the City Council inreased power to greenlight projects.

4. Protecting our environment and responding to the climate crisis with a sense of urgency. Supported the ban on disposable plastic bags and the 10 cent charge for all disposable bags. Introduced measure to ban nips, black plastic, and styrofoam. Supported the creation of the first Sustainability Manager position for the City. Suported a climate action plan that would include additional electric charging stations at city buildings.

5. Recognizing how important diversity is to Framingham and pushing for the creation of a diversity manager position.

PPP pledge
Pressley Policy Pledge

sustainable development

Sustainable development is the way forward for Framingham – to find the middle path between large-scale apartment complexes and blighted strip malls.

not just open space, active space

Please check out my letter to the editor explaining my concern for maintaining open, active space in Framingham.

celebrate the positive

We need to recognize and build on Framingham’s unique strengths. Too often, the dialogue around our community focuses on our challenges. There are so many positives to build on including successful new restaurants downtown, a beautiful new library, an excellent school system, and more!

maintain a respectful dialogue with our mayor and city officials

The City Council needs provide an assertive check on the power of the Mayor. The City Council must work as a partner with our chief executive, but also be prepared to push back whenever necessary to ensure all voices are heard.


We must maintain essential support for our city departments including the schools, public works, parks and recreation, and public safety while recognizing the increasing demands placed on our town’s taxpayers.


We must preserve – and expand – community amenities including Callahan State Park. Open space is critical to our town’s strength. Cushing Park provides a terrific example of how thoughtful management and improvement of a town asset has enriched our quality of life.