Chris Walsh
Chris Walsh

Adam is just the sort of person I hoped would become involved in government when I supported the change to a city. Not just a new face but someone with serious listening skills, global vision and a good understanding of how technology is changing our world. We are lucky in precinct 7 to have always had dedicated and engaged political representation but I am supporting Adam because to me, he represents a critical part of Framingham’s future.

Cesar Monzon
Cesar Monzon

Adam is someone that has taken care of our district, as an educator both his wife and him understand what is best for our City, and he understands how important it is to have a balance in our City landscape, born and raised in Framingham, I am 100 percent behind him to be our councilor for our district.

Beth Greeley
Beth Greeley

A promise of the charter process was to bring new faces into our government — with fresh perspective, 21st century savvy, and an eye firmly fixed to the future. Adam Steiner fits that bill for me and is my choice for District 3 City Councilor. His opponents are worthy, experienced, good men, but I believe Adam is best positioned to move this city experiment forward.

Bob Berman
Bob Berman

I want my City Councilor to be someone I trust and who will do their homework every time, someone who will listen to their constituents and shape smart positions on important issues by weighing multiple opinions from diverse areas. Further, I want District 3 to be represented by a strong leader, and I have no doubt that Adam Steiner is that person.

Brandale Randolph

Adam is one of the people currently on our City Council whom I trust to continue to push this city toward a brighter future for us all.

Brett Peruzzi
Brett Peruzzi

Adam is the kind of strong and independent voice on the city council that we need. His responsiveness to community concerns and measured and calm manner makes it a pleasure to work with him to help Framingham reach its full potential.

Adam Blumer

Adam is hard working, keeps an open mind about issues, and thinks about what is good for both his district and the entire city. Framingham is lucky to have Adam on our City Council!

Herb Chasan

I am voting for Adam Steiner because of his support for all of our children in Framingham!

List of supporters

Cesar Monzon, Selectman – Edgell Road

Eric Cigan, Cherry Road

Bryan and Nancy Blair, Mill Street

Dan and Kathleen Rao, Claudette Circle

Perry and Sara Hamerla, Grove Street

Ken and Niza Weiss, Amy Road

Brandon Strange, Belknap Drive

Margareth Shepard, City Councilor District 7, Arthur Street

Bob Berman, Lanewood Ave.

Sam Mercurio, Claudette Cir.

Beth Greeley, Pleasant St.

Brett Peruzzi, Nobscot

Mike Croci, Pershing Ave.

Brandale Randolph, Cherry Rd.

Dan and Ashley Kessler, Claudette Circle

Adam Blumer, Former School Committee Member, Lowe Circle