Grace O’Donnell: Re-elect Adam Steiner to the Framingham City Council

I sincerely hope all residents of District 3 (precincts 4 and 7) vote in the Special Election on January 11, 2022. The results of the November election for this City Council seat revealed how important it is for everyone to vote. Although I do not reside in District 3, I strongly support Adam Steiner for re-election. Adam takes in all sides of issues and reaches his conclusions, based on full information, not on preconceived notions or attempts to push his own agenda. It’s evident to me that Adam lives up to the ideal of doing what’s best for the city and its residents.

He created an expansion of the senior tax deferral program that could benefit our older residents who face rising property taxes on limited incomes. This allows more seniors to remain in the community they love, without putting a burden on other taxpayers. He pushed to get the city council meetings streamed on Facebook, so more people could see how their government works for them. You can see more of what Adam has done at

Framingham deserves a City Councilor who does what he knows is right for its residents and their future. Adam deserves your vote to continue in a second term as City Councilor.

Grace T. O’Donnell
Resident District 2