A progressive leader who recognizes that leadership is about inspiring collaboration toward a common goal not winning every argument.

Support from residents

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what Framingham residents say:

 Adam is just the sort of person I hoped would become involved in government when I supported the change to a city. Not just a new face but someone with serious listening skills, global vision and a good understanding of how technology is changing our world. We are lucky in precinct 7 to have always had dedicated and engaged political representation but I am supporting Adam because to me, he represents a critical part of Framingham’s future.”

Chris Walsh

Late Mass. State Representative

Adam is someone that will take care of our district, as an educator both his wife and him understand what is best for our City, and as a five year Town meeting member understands how important it is to have a balance in our City landscape, born and raised in Framingham, I am 100 percent behind him to be our counselor for our district.

Cesar Monzon

Former Selectman

A promise of the charter process was to bring new faces into our government — with fresh perspective, 21st century savvy, and an eye firmly fixed to the future. Adam Steiner fits that bill for me and is my choice for District 3 City Councilor. His opponents are worthy, experienced, good men, but I believe Adam is best positioned to move this city experiment forward.

Beth Greeley

District 3 Resident

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