Adam Steiner for Framingham City Council

Proven. Progressive. Leadership.

We need to preserve and improve the things that make Framingham great: Our diversity, our excellent public school system, our mix of rural, suburban, and urban environments, and our compassion for one another.

On the Council, I have fought for:

1. Restraining the push for more and more apartments by resisting the urge for questionable zoning changes throughout the city including in Nobscot. No more apartments apartment buildings in Nobscot!

2. Increased funding for our public schools including construction of a new middle school in Framingham and plans for a new Southside elementary school

3. Preservation and expansion of essential city services including recreational resources, road repair, and water quality.

4. Protecting our environment and responding to the climate crisis with a sense of urgency

5. Recognizing how important diversity is to Framingham and successfully pushing for the creation of a diversity manager position.

We are on the right path in Framingham. Upcoming improvements in our city include:

  • Opening of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, connecting North Framingham from the Sudbury line all the way to Framingham Centre
  • Repaved roads including Bonvini DriveĀ 
  • New crosswalk with flashing beacon across Edgell Road at Frost Street
  • A completely redesigned Mary Dennison Park with playground, spray park, and turf field
  • Regional justice center and police/fire dispatch downtown
  • Predictable water and sewer rate increases
  • Rejuvenated Nobscot Plaza into a vibrant mixed use projects with stores and cafes
  • Renovated Carol Getchell Trail with greater accessibility

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